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Strategic Warriors At Training

The Vision - To Make Warriors

A Specialized Commando Group that will engage and set the discipline and order that will tear down the first line of defense against the enemy

The Goal
To Send you from this Boot Camp equipped to challenge and to dismantle those entities that are hidden in the religious mixtures in Native America.


The Reason
  • There is an enormous amount of prophetic information throughout this nation concerning a major move of the Spirit of God in visiting the Tribes of this hemisphere. It has been discerned that the enemy has planted himself within the areas targeted for transformation.
  • A state of emergency has risen as the result of this resistance by the enemy an Indian Country. Many intercessors are realizing that they have fallen short of understanding how Territorial spirits operate in these areas.
  • The fact that WE HAVE DECLARED WAR against theses principalities has mandated us to provide SPECIALIZED, STRATEGIC  and TACTICAL training to prepare for the anticipated Move of God. 
Spiritual Qualifications

  • Must be called for the purpose of dealing with high level spiritual warfare.
  • Must live a Spirit-filled life & be willing to submit to authority & discipline(discipleship) for time of training.
  • Must have approval from your spiritual covering (i.e., husband, pastor, elders, etc.)
  • Must be willing to show that you are spiritually, mentally, & physically fit for this venture.
Two Rivers Native American Training Center does not discriminate against any race and welcomes people form every nation.

The Boot Camp is NOT another conference; but an intense time of training and skill building designed to tear down the territorial strongholds of the enemy, by equipping the saints for Spiritual Warfare within the Apostolic order. (Jeremiah 1:9-11)

We will be using the concept of military training, but not to the point of enforcing rules and regulations that will harm our intent. Twelve-hour days of intense training are anticipated, these will include special guests with experience in warfare.


Contact Information

Thank you for contacting 2 Rivers! We want to hear from you. Someone will contact you shortly once we receive your information, or you can call us direct at 918-366-6735.

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Last Name:
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(Enrollment for each Boot Camp must reach a minimum of 10 recruits) 

Help make a difference!

You Can Affect the Destiny of a Nation!

Sponsor a S.W.A.T. student! There are pastors, missionaries and leaders who have the desire to come and participate in the S.W.A.T. Boot Camps but are unable to attend due to lack of financial resources. This two week Boot Camp specializes in dismantling the strongholds that hold back the kingdom of God in the lives of people in many areas of the world. This camp results in a team of warrior intercessors that are on call and available to go to even the most remote areas, particularly the Native Lands, to assist in tearing down the high places that keep people of all nations in bondage.

All applicants are reviewed by the co-founders prior to acceptance and come with their own ministerial recommendations. This is good ground to plant seed!

The cost of sponsoring one first-time student for one session of JUNE SWAT Training is $1250.00 (for two weeks). This includes all meals, room and board, and teaching materials.

Tuition for subsequent sessions (March and October) for returning students is $650.00 (for one week).

If you would like to sponsor a student please fill out the following:

Sponsorship Form
Phone Number:
  I Would Like To Sponsor A First-Time SWAT Student With A Gift Of $1250.00

I Would Like To Sponsor A SWAT Student With A Monthly Gift Of $________


I Would Like To Give Towards A SWAT Student With A One-Time Gift Of $________

Thank you for your love gifts of any amount, please let us know if you would like more information on this training camp.

Make checks payable to: Two Rivers Native American Training Center

Two Rivers Native American Training Center is a 501c3 not for profit ministry.

Biographies of The Instructors

Dr. Negiel Bigpond     

Dr. Negiel Bigpond is Co-Founder of Two Rivers Native American Training Center.  Dr. Bigpond is a full-blood Euchee/Yuchi Indian. He and his wife Jan of 47 years have a son, two daughters, two son-in-laws, one daughter-in-law, and six grandchildren. He is Senior Pastor of Morning Star Church of All Nations, Hectorville, OK.  He has traveled extensively every year, ministering through music, prayer, preaching and teaching the Gospel.  Dr. Bigpond is also a trained and certified Alcohol/Drug Abuse Counselor.  He will be teaching about covenant, honor, and Native authority over the land and key issues of the Trail of Tears from a Woodland Indian perspective.  

Teaching topics include: Honor, Authority, & Ranking.

Apostle Clifton Pettit   
Apostle Clifton Pettit is a full-blood Cherokee and is fluent in his Native tongue.  He was born and raised in Marble City.  He and his wife, Pauline, married in 1980, have a son, Shawn, and daughter, Phillena, and three grandchildren, Derek, Daisy, and Raven.   He founded the House of Praise in 1991.  To give back to the community and through Federal grants under the Cherokee Nation, he established the Marble City Food Pantry and the Young Adults Activity Center.  He has been an instructor at both Two Rivers Native American Training Center and Strategic Warriors at Training.  He is a prophetic voice to the Nation.  He travels with Apostle Bigpond on the land issue prayer team which is called to reconciliation and dismantling territorial spirits on the land.  He also serves as OAPN Sequoyah County Leader. Teaching topics include: Sonship ministry and land issues.


Ruthanne Garlock

Ruthanne Garlock, a Bible teacher and author living near San Antonio, Texas, has a varied background in international ministry. She has co-authored (with Quinn Sheerer) 18 books on prayer and related subjects, and often teaches on prayer and spiritual warfare for seminars and retreats. Her newest title, Lord, I Need Your Healing Power, was released by Charisma House in Fall 2006.

Ruthanne and her husband, John, served with Continental Theological Seminary in Brussels, Belgium, teaching students from 17 nations for four years. During the 23 years they lived in Dallas, John was an instructor at Christ For The Nations Institute and Ruthanne was a free-lance writer. Together they traveled and taught leadership training seminars in the U.S. and more than 35 countries. Since John’s sudden death in December 2003, Ruthanne is continuing the work of Garlock Ministries through her teaching and writing, and through distributing John’s teachings in DVD, CD, and book format.

Ruthanne has a wealth of personal experience and solid Bible teaching on spiritual warfare, taking it out of the realm of the frightening and far-out, and presenting it as the responsibility and privilege of every Christian believer. Ruthanne also travels widely from her home in Texas, teaching in leadership seminars. She holds a B.A. in religious education from Central Bible College, Springfield, MO. Besides serving as an elder at the Tree of Life Church, New Braunfels, TX, she is on the board of Christian Haitian Outreach, an orphanage ministry in Haiti. Ruthanne has three adult children and four grandchildren. Teaching topics include: Breaking Bondages, Principles of Spiritual Warfare, Weapons of Our Warfare.


Apostle Kathy Holcomb

Apostle Kathy carries a strong prophetic and ambassadorial mantle, traveling both nationally and internationally. With 30 years in the ministry she has planted three churches and raised several sons and daughters in the ministry. She is the President and founder of Third day Ministries and is the senior leader of Breakthrough Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Kathy is a graduate of SMTI in Midland, MI. She currently serves as the Tulsa regional director of OAPN and is an instructor and board member of Two Rivers NATC. She is a published author of the book “Warring for Destiny” and most recently published“Who me – cancer?” Apostle Kathy resides in Coweta, OK with her husband Dan and they have three married sons and five grandchildren. Teaching topics include: TBA


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